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Kofi Pare also believed that deaf everyone was not in guarding and you will assaulting anymore-positions in which these were well-known before-once the outsiders later capture payback of the distributed the definition of about the visibility out of deaf people in Adamorobe inside the a negative method. Funerals was big incidents for the Ghana where loads of dancing, sipping and you may sobbing happens, generally speaking which have plenty of folk off their places (like, relatives or family relations of the deceased). Kofi Pare said one “Whenever men and women see deaf individuals signing, they’re going talking around every where you to Adamorobe has some deaf some one, in the a harmful way, and you can laugh regarding it.”

4. The wedding Prohibition

Whilst the meanings and you can rates over are present, the fresh 1975 laws has to be built within weather away from hostility otherwise anxiety with the Adamorobe. Agnes Bomo, a listening lady which have deaf mothers and you can siblings, explained:

This rules arrived from the method Adamorobe’s identity could have been give and you will broadcasted through the entire world: Adamorobe individuals are deaf. When group started, they say so you can anyone else that Adamorobe are good deaf town: there are no hearing individuals here. So that the chief is actually worried making a laws one to zero deaf will be wed deaf, to see if the latest deaf will certainly reduce or not. (…) It had been asserted that for those who been here you cannot rating people reading people to talk to. It turned into an issue on area: people do not need to become right here because we are deaf .

We used to have the opportunity to talk with some one during the Tema. She try almost sixty yrs old and you may a local from Adamorobe. She says she’ll never visited Adamorobe, aside from succeed their particular child to come. Her cause would be the fact their later dad informed her in the event the she pertains to Adamorobe she’s going to build deaf college students.

This type of objections don’t promote one clues as to why these exactly became popular on 1970s, following the reading members of Adamorobe ended up being living with deaf someone getting so long ( i.e. , since the 18th century). Put another way: how it happened in this go out one to triggered the introduction of this laws? Discover five you are able to choice that will be maybe interrelated otherwise complementing each other.

To start with, Nana Gyasehene (that is Adamorobe’s manager captain) narrated: “I learned that this is not a good option getting a male and you may female deaf-and-dumb in order to marry, so we stop you to definitely practice possesses quicker the amount substantially.” This isn’t clear when the and how anybody actually instantly “discovered” you to definitely if you are deaf–deaf orobe also have introduced ahead deaf offspring, this is simply not immediately your situation having deaf–reading marriage ceremonies. Prior to now, deaf–deaf marriages had been common, and deaf–reading marriages was basically exceptional, very possibly people’s desire try trapped of the marriage reputation of a couple of deaf feminine: Yaa Awurabea while the later Afua Tatyifu. It hitched a hearing people which have exactly who they had reading people, following divorced and remarried having an effective deaf man which have exactly who they put forth deaf offspring. As the time ( i.age. , very early 70s) matches, that isn’t obvious whether it was really the pointers one to deaf–hearing marriages promote forward reading offspring; it seemed these particular just weren’t the first deaf–hearing orobe. Subsequently, at that time that the law are used, there were of a lot deaf students, maybe an effective deaf “little one increase.” Finally, Agnes talks about the ways Adamorobe was “broadcasted international.” In the early 1970s, numerous groups of scientists [6,7] had decided to go to Adamorobe. advise that “hereditary counseling supplied by the medical people so you’re able https://lovingwomen.org/sv/blog/datingsajter-for-aktenskap/ to dissuade interilies has actually ended up great at controlling the spread of your state [sic] about town.” New supply out of genetic guidance is most likely driven from the earlier mentioned eugenics means regarding the West to eliminate the fresh delivery away from people with handicaps. Even though the parents which I consulted don’t seem to remember brand new counseling, once again the time period suits pretty much ( i.elizabeth. , 1970–1975), which will be the counseling keeps advised otherwise started the choice to expose the law.