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Nice cardiovascular system I do select so long as commonly tarry, However, fain with an earlier man wou’d hastily marry; I’m not of your notice to possess I will not end up being married, However, if you are able to agree yous shall be easily bedded, I am going to kiss thee, I shall kiss thee, and on the latest sleep tumble, While shall maybe not color a maid, for this reason usually do not whine.

Following day arrived a different sort of, and made a type render, His give and his awesome cardiovascular system and you will somthing more did proffer, However, wedding, quothe the guy, I’m able to never accept, In almost any topic otherwise, I would personally freely stuff you, I’ll hug thee, I shall hug thee, and on new bed tumble, And also you will maybe not dye a housemaid, therefore dont complain.

The outdated Maid’s last Prayer.

Become all the ye pretty Maidens, particular elderly some, some younger, Whom all of the has actually sweetheart’s, but I have to last longer; Particular 16, some to try to get, try cheerfully partnered, Sadly! just how unequally such things is carried, Good limner, a great penman, a tinker, a beneficial tailor, A great sadler, a pedlar, good ploughman, an excellent sailor, Been comfortable, come effortless, been foolish, started amusing, Become don’t allow myself die a classic maid, grab me of pitty.

We have a brother Sally, having younger than simply I’m, Features so many sweethearts she is forc’d in order to reject them: I never ever is accountable for doubting of several, God understands my center, I would personally be grateful for people. A good limner, &c.

A different sort of young buck compared to that maiden reply’d, Lover We declare you shall n’er end up being deny’d: ‘Tis pity that you need to a beneficial virgin depart, One which just keeps tasted off Cupid’s love dart, I will kiss thee, &c

I have a cousin Susan, even when unsightly and you may sick shapen, Ahead of she was sixteen years of age, she is actually taken, In advance of she try to get, a great son and a great daughter, And you may I am six and you can 30, and you will ne’er got a deal. An effective limner, &c.

It has got often already been told you, by my dad and you can mom, One browsing you to definitely matrimony, makes place for another: It you to become instance, I am able to go without bidding, And allow business judge if i wouldn’t like a marriage. A limner, &c.

I never perform scold, and you can I’ll never be jealous; My better half shall enjoys currency to go to brand new draught beer-house; While he could there be using, I am in the home rescuing, And leave it to you personally, basically a’nt value with. A limner, &c.

The fresh songbook text message more than is virtually same as brand new thicker antique items. The text more than was copied to the Stevens- Douglas manuscript from western Nyc, and you may out of you to definitely composed when you look at the Harold Thompson and Edith Cutting’s A beneficial Leader Songster , p. 73, 1958. I’m not sure how much of the track is provided with, but there’s the it and you will a track beneath the name « The outdated Housemaid Petition » inside the Spicer MS, 1797, indexed in NTI.

Some common models was: ‘Don’t i want to perish a vintage housemaid,’ Honest Purslow, mond manuscripts, compiled into the 1906 (also instead of tunes in the Reeves’ The fresh Eternal Network , p. 264, 1960). ‘Sister Susan’ within the Helen Flanders and you may George Brown’s, Vermont Someone-Songs and Ballads , p. 102, 1959, 1968. « The existing Maid’s Lament’ inside Norman Cazden’s, This new Abelard Men Song Guide , II, p. 96-97, 1958.

An Irish reworking of your next one-fourth of the 19th century is found on a beneficial broadside awarded of the Haly regarding Cork and you can expands the fresh story to have the anticipating housemaid eventually marrying a chimney sweeper. [Most broadside circumstances take the brand new Bodley Ballads web site-« Chimney-sweeper’s Marriage »]. Traditional brands associated with latter is « Come whatever you real people » in Edith Fowke’s Old-fashioned Tunes and Vocalists of Ontario , #26, 1965, with additional recommendations, and is including within https://internationalwomen.net/da/kroatiske-kvinder/ the Huntington and Herrmann’s Sam Henry’s Audio of those , p. 256. Getting Scots items of the track look for « Auld Housemaid during the an effective Garret », #40, inside the Nigel Gatherer’s Audio and you may Ballads of Dundee , 1986. Discover also the ‘Greig-Duncan Everyone Tune Collection’, VII, #1370-1389 (1998) for a type of so it and you may comparable musical,