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What is BEAM coin

It all takes very little time, and if you have ever bought shares or fiat money, the procedure of buying cryptocurrencies will be very clear and familiar to you. Spend some time keeping an eye on the cryptocurrency’s price in order to purchase it at a lower cost. At the time of writing, the price of Beam coin is $0.404, with a 5% increase over the last 24 hours, ranking 180th. Beam started trading at $0.65 during its initial market entry in 2019, and on June 25, 2019, it peaked at $2.5, setting an all-time high. Following the famous bull run of 2019, the price of Beam coin fell sharply, dropping to $0.22 on March 13.

  • This mining software is available for Linux and Windows and charges 2% of dev fee.
  • With Beam, the UTXO ownership can be sufficiently confirmed by checking the value and the blinding factors only.
  • Like other cryptocurrencies, BEAM has its own blockchain that remains decentralised and distributed.
  • The process entails different steps and communication is key in realizing the payments.
  • You can mine Beam cryptocurrency not only solo but in mining pool.
  • The wallet will generate extra public and private keys meant for auditing.

But, it is important to be mindful that whilst the BEAM privacy coin looks promising, it isn’t necessarily a perfect system just yet. It launched on January 3rd 2019, the same day as Bitcoin’s 10th anniversary, and is expected to be governed for around two years. In doing so, it is hoped that the coin can achieve growth before being given to the non-profit foundation. This is useful for tax and accounting purposes, since you can audit your account and transactions. CT functions so that only the sender and receiver can know how much money is being transacted.

What is Beam?

On the website, you can find early articles about cryptocurrency mining, blockchain in general and mining pool operation principles. The readers gave positive feedback on John’s practical guides, such as building an Ethereum mining rig and Nvidia 1080ti overclocking. If you want to exchange cryptocurrency with the lowest fees, beware of the offers with a grey-colored “Transaction fees are not included” label displayed under the exchange rate.

  • You can learn about Beam itself straight from the horse’s mouth by checking out this interview with the project’s CTO, Alex Romanov.
  • Nvidia and AMD with at least 4 GB memory will work, although GTX 1060 with 3 GB can also mine Beam for now.
  • This can make some Bitcoins less fungible than others, as those tracked BTC might be less valuable than the ones that haven’t been “exposed”.
  • If you’ve ever read a Harry Potter book, you’ll probably recognize some of the terms mentioned above.
  • Additional benefit of this protocol is its ability to reduce the data footprint of Bitcoin transactions, leading to improved scalability.
  • Beam development began sometime after Grin’s, with the development team taking an approach similar to the one of Zcash.
  • Beam raised a total of $7 million in Venture Capital (VC) over two funding rounds.

As a result, MimbleWimble-made blocks appear as randomly mixed inputs and outputs on the blockchain explorer, without clear connections to actual correlating inputs/outputs. When it comes to funding and governance, the Singapore-based Beam Foundation is mandated to overlook the development of the Beam network. The best feature of Beam is that although it makes transactions private, it has an auditing feature that allows businesses to provide a financial trail for auditors or regulators if there is a need. Mimblewimble has a feature known as ‘Transaction Cut-through,’ which enables the blockchain to be significantly smaller than the Bitcoin blockchain. This feature functions by eliminating old and redundant transactions on the blockchain. It voids spent inputs by aggregating intermediary transactions together, consequently shrinking the blockchain.

Discover Beam

BEAM comes with an extensive toolkit for running and managing mining nodes. Desktop and mobile wallets, designed to support everyday use for both personal and small business users. Built-in dashboard for easy budget management, with actionable income and expenditure insights. In order to comply with the relevant regulations, a wallet can be configured to attach digitally signed documents (e.g. invoices or contracts) to all transactions in a cryptographically unforgeable way.

What is BEAM coin

Specifically, one malicious node could record all individual transactions. This is because the nodes receive and forward a lot of individual transactions. It is important they are broadcast so the rest of the network can validate them. In recent memory, many start-up cryptocurrencies have held an ICO to raise funds for their upcoming project. Furthermore, it is believed that everyone has an equal chance to mine/invest in the project.


Beam developers mention Equihash in the same breath as Mimblewimble, describing it as a stable and GPU-friendly solution aligned with its goal to secure more equitable coin distribution. BEAM hopes to decentralize its network from the outset – this is to be done by discouraging ASIC-based mining over the initial What is BEAM coin interval of no more than 18 months and allowing BEAM coin mining with GPUs. In turn, the recipient of a transaction randomly selects several of the blinding factors provided by the sender. The receiver can subsequently use these factors as proof of ownership which authorizes them to spend the coins.

What is BEAM coin

While the identity of Grin’s creator(s) remains clouded by the shroud of mystery, Beam’s website has a list of team members who receive salaries and participate in attracting the investors’ money for the project. When choosing one, take into account the other advantages a crypto exchange might provide you, including automated tools for market analysis. At the same time Grin is looking to introduce an uncapped linear inflatory model, one that expects to see continual growth of the Grin network/user base. 60 new GRIN tokens are mined with each Grin block (added every minute to the blockchain); the number of coins released per block will reduce over time, heading towards zero but never actually reaching it. Many types of assets (for example, real estate tokens, corporate debts, and simply new currency) can be created and exchanged through BEAM confidential transaction mechanisms. Beam developers point out other advantages of their cryptocurrency.

The Beam project is also supported and guided by the Beam Foundation, a non-profit entity largely responsible for the platform’s governance. The Foundation is a temporary outfit governing Beam until a complete blockchain-based decentralized governance via BeamX DAO is in place. Currently, BEAM trades at $0.86, with a total supply of nearly 1 million coins and a market cap of around $85 million. For Beam CPU mining, the official Beam wallet should work perfectly. With your  Beam Wallet installed on the desktop, go to the settings section and select “Run Local Node” and set the number of Mining Threads to any figure greater than 0. Keep in mind that the more threads you select the more strain on your CPU.

The creators of MimbleWimble clearly figured that some sort of magical solution is required to overcome Bitcoin’s privacy issues. These issues seemed insurmountable once, as each Bitcoin transaction exposes the sender’s address, transaction size and the address of the receiving individual on the public blockchain. Beam is an anonymous cryptocurrency based on the Mimblewimble privacy protocol. Grin uses the same protocol, that’s why the two coins are often mentioned together. After just one week the Litecoin creator admitted its potential even compared to Bitcoin.

From year 6 to year 129, the block reward will be reduced to 25 BEAM/block. From year 2 to year 5, the block reward will be reduced by 50% to 40 BEAM/block. https://www.tokenexus.com/ Mimblewimble’s “cut-through” feature avoids excessive computation costs, making BEAM blockchain orders smaller than any other blockchain implementation.

What is BEAM coin